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Exhibit Specifications

1. Label the back of your artwork with the following. This will help with matching artwork with label/signage:

  • Your name

  • The title of the artwork 

2. Artwork must be equipped to hang. For example:

  • If artwork is on a wood frame, eyehooks required 1/3 down from the top and a wire so that it falls about 2" from the top, as a general rule

  • If artwork is small and/or on a flat panel, a ribbed sawtooth/serrated hook attached or glued to the back










Photos from WikiHow



3. Email Linda Goodwin with the following information prior to the cutoff date so that artwork labels can be prepared and an on-line exhibit can be created:

  • Photo of the artwork

  • Artist name

  • Title of the artwork

  • Year produced

  • Medium used, for example, oil on canvas

  • Dimensions

  • Price or NFS for Not For Sale

4. For artwork on panels, the outer edge must be pained.

5. A one page artist bio with a photo of the artist. This will be displayed adjacent to artist's work.

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