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Hello, I’m Alison Szpak

I am Alison Szpak. I was born in the middle of the last century (or a bit before) in Manchester, UK. Not far from Liverpool, home of the Beatles who were also born in this time period.

Unfortunately, I was not musically inclined but could draw, same as Mom and Dad. Dad designed and painted scenery for an amateur dramatic society, also acted  … so that was my background. I could draw and pretend to be sick when I didn't want to go to school! Dad was also an accountant so that's why I can do the numbers stuff, bloody boring but pays the bills.

My Story

Moved to Canada in 1971, lived in Winnipeg for 20 years, then Calgary for another 20 then moved to warmer climes in 2012, to a place called Creston, as our mover said, "Welcome to paradise". 


My art history has been ongoing since as far back as I can remember so if and when I can't remember it may get shorter. 


My biggest artistic achievement was at the end of my schooling when we had to sit final exams based on the previous 5 years. I managed to get the highest marks in Lancashire. However my highest personal art achievement was winning a net monetary prize of $3 at the 2022 Creston Fall Fair...Awesome, never entered a competition before. Also pretty chuffed to see one of my first oil paintings on the Hillside wall.


Another art related `feel good` for me was becoming the painter's rep with ArtSpace,. It's such a great pleasure to paint with everyone here and I look forward to just being here, even if it's just to clean.

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