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Hello, I’m Heather Morris

I can tell you I retired last year from 35 years as a nurse and am happily exploring my creative side (a lifelong dream). I find art heals and nourishes me. It has been a blessing to have Jaye willing to share her talent and knowledge and this is how I was introduced to Art Space. I would like to keep painting after class is finished and glad to have a shared space for this.  

My Story

At home, I enjoy time with my dog Bailie. He is a Hungarian Puli and a high energy character for sure. He loves lots of hikes and walks with friends and so do I. 

My biggest artistic achievement is pottery and am starting to do this at home. It is also a huge learning curve :)


In the spring my husband Lloyd and myself are busy with a backyard greenhouse where we sell annuals. He loves gardening and I love the flowers and fresh vegetables. Another important aspect of my life is being a gramma to six grandkids who live in fort saint john. I want these kids to have a healthy gramma who can encourage them to enjoy the arts and nature.


Thankful to be living and exploring life in Creston


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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