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Hello, I’m Cat Steele

I arrived in Creston in 1960 having begun my art career with finger painting the walls of our former home in Remac with my mother’s makeup. My experience with color got off to a rough start on our fruit farm when I would tell customers that “the apricots are still blue, not ready yet!”

My Story

School changed all that and despite being able to color inside the lines I was allowed to develop artistically with the help of Chris Herchmer. 


In the late 70’s I attended the new Kootenay School of the Arts at David Thompson University Center.  You know K.S.A.D.T.U.C…and they gave me a lovely piece of paper that says I’m certified…a Graphic Designer that is.


Ran out of money. Got a job. Got married. Got divorced. Got remarried. New job. Got training. Got house. Divorced. Sold house. Moved to Penticton. New job. And finally returned to Creston…where I now sell paint for a living.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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