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Studio Artists

Paula Cravens

Paula Cravens was raised between the soy bean, corn and oil fields of a central Illinois farming community. She received a BFA from Eastern Illinois University then took off to Canada seeking knowledge and adventure. She moved to the Creston Valley in 2020 and opened Crazy Ravens Studio.

Linda Goodwin

Linda, her husband and two fur-babies moved to the enchanted valley of Creston in 2021.  


Linda has been painting for approximately 40 years primarily in oils and acrylics, however, ArtSpace has opened up so many opportunities to experiment with new mediums and styles. At ArtSpace, working alongside community artists is creatively inspiring and exciting.

Renée Poitras

Renée Poitras grew up in small town New Brunswick. Renée and her husband moved to Creston from Calgary in 2021 and never looked back. Letting go of perfectionism; learning to play, embracing spontaneity and freedom of expression through art making has been life altering.  I highly recommend it to anyone who has never dabbled in art and thinks they don’t have any artistic talent… we all do! Surprise!

Jennifer Rankin

In 2007 my husband and I moved to the Creston Valley with our menagerie of animals. However, it wasn’t until the Fall of 2022 that I discovered painting. 


ArtSpace has opened up a whole new world to me. Under the tutelage of an excellent instructor, and with all the opportunities ArtSpace has afforded me, I see the world in a whole new way. Creating art is far less intimidating than I once thought and more life transforming than first imagined.

Alison Szpak

Alison and her husband moved to Creston in December, 2012 when they ‘retired’ after buying a house here in 2007. Alison has been drawing and sketching all her life but didn’t take her artwork seriously until ‘ArtSpace’ happened at an oil painting class. She was a founding member, together with Carole Francis and Marnie Temple. Look what happened!

Karen ‘Mayers’ Tschierschwitz

Among all the opportunities at ArtSpace I chose to paint in Acrylic, Pastel, and Watercolor. It is a wonderful studio to meet and make friends with people of like and similar interests here in Creston.  My attraction to paint from my own photography restores memories of special moments that continue to drive my ambition to put those images to canvas.

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